• The new version includes new features to simplify management and make the solution more efficient, both for corporate end-users and for channel partners and service providers

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has announced the launch of version 5.05 of its cloud-based security solution, Panda Cloud Office Protection. This new version includes powerful new features to simplify management, making it more efficient, while reinforcing control over the security of corporate networks and reducing client management and maintenance tasks for channel partners and service providers. The net result is a simpler solution delivering improved margins and recurrent revenue.

According to Growth Trends in Security as a Service report published in August 2010 by Gartner analysts John Pescatore and Kelly Kavanagh, “Security-as-a-service functions can result in lower costs and more-rapid implementation when applied appropriately… A security-as-a-service provider sees across the security controls of all of its customers and can often identify new threats or new vulnerabilities far faster than any individual enterprise.”

New features for corporate users

Users of the three solutions that comprise the Panda Cloud Protection integrated cloud-based security suite (Panda Cloud Office Protection, for protecting PCs and servers; Panda Cloud Email Protection, for corporate email, and Panda Cloud Internet Protection, for Web traffic) will now have single sign-on access to all three solutions through a console with complete security information about the entire company.

Panda Cloud Office Protection 5.05 now includes a powerful inventory function to identify systems not administered or protected by the solution, sending a warning to administrators so they can protect their network against any type of attack. New features and improvements include password-protected uninstallation, to prevent end users from removing the protection, as well as a significant reduction in bandwidth usage thanks to the option to channel Internet communication through a specific network computer, defined by the administrator.

To further simplify the task of the security administrator, profile configurations no longer have to be created from scratch, as it is now possible to copy and edit existing profiles with a single click. Risk management has also been reinforced, through the option to run specific on-demand scans on high-risk folders and files, leveraging all the knowledge stored in Collective Intelligence and guaranteeing maximum threat detection.

New benefits for channel partners and service providers

The new Panda Cloud Office Protection 5.05 has been designed specifically to enhance the offer to channel partners selling the solutions and service providers that remotely manage their clients’ security.

Thanks to the integration of the three Panda Cloud Protection solutions, the channel can now easily identify opportunities for generating additional revenue and sales, not just through cross-selling or upselling, but also by identifying unprotected computers and servers thanks to better administrative monitoring.

Delivering security management externally as a service is now even easier, as this solution focuses on maximizing efficiency for partners. Now service providers can export existing security profiles to other clients with a single click, saving considerable time.

This new version also allows partners to resolve customer incidents effectively, immediately and remotely, as the new management console enables identification of issues without the need for logs or costly on-site visits. Similarly, specific action on clients’ networks can be identified and prioritized and service quality excellence is guaranteed through the generation of consolidated reports for the whole client database.

Panda Cloud Office Protection 5.05 is now available through channel partners and Panda’s website. Current partners and clients will be automatically updated to the new version free of charge. You can get more info about Panda Cloud Office Protection at: https://www.youtube.com/Pandasecurity1?gl=ES&hl=es#p/u/3/PDTCQT5RzWw

For more information about Panda Security’s cloud-based security solutions go to http://cloudprotection.pandasecurity.com.