• The new version is available in four new languages: German, French, Brazilian and Catalan
  • It includes powerful new features aimed at improving protection and further simplifying the task of administering the cloud security solution
  • Panda’s cloud security revenue has increased 65% with respect to 2009, exceeding market forecasts

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has launched the new version 3.3.0 of Panda Cloud Email Protection. The new cloud solution, delivered as SaaS (Security-as-a-Service) and aimed at protecting and cleaning corporate email from the cloud, is now available in four new languages: German, French, Brazilian and Catalan. It includes powerful new features designed to improve protection and further simplify the task of administering the solution from the central console.

This new version allows automatic user management and data synchronization via LDAP and SMTP. It also includes powerful password control to safeguard the internal strength of the corporate network by ensuring user-created passwords are strong.

The solution also allows asynchronous downloading of logs of the action taken on each type of mail, so they can be analyzed and followed up. Security administrators can now restrict access to mail content by domain administrators, either from the mail logs or from the user panels in the centralized management console.

All current Panda Cloud Email Protection clients will be able to access the new version at no additional cost.

Cloud Security: A segment where growth outstrips market forecasts

The Panda Cloud Protection product line has grown way above the cloud-based service sector average. Revenue from these products increased 65% over the last year and now accounts for 15% of the company’s total worldwide revenue. In fact, Panda expects this figure to reach 20% by the end of 2011.

These figures are in contrast with the growth of revenue from SaaS services as a whole, which accounted for just 10% of total security service sales in 2009, with market research companies such as Infonetics predicting that the figure will not reach 20% until 2014.

Panda Cloud Protection managed security suite

Panda Cloud Email Protection is included in the Panda Cloud Protection cloud-managed security suite. This cloud-based solution offers maximum protection, cost reduction and increased productivity. The solution can be deployed in just a few minutes and is managed simply through Panda’s unique, intuitive cloud-based administration console.

Panda Cloud Internet Protection is sold on its own or as part of the Panda Cloud Protection suite, completing the cloud-based security lineup of Panda Security. The company’s SaaS offer now covers all major infection vectors: workstations and servers are protected with Panda Cloud Office Protection; corporate email with this new version of Panda Cloud Email Protection, and the Internet by Panda Cloud Internet Protection.

Panda Security’s innovative cloud solutions have received numerous international awards and recognition, including the Wall Street Journal Technological Innovation award and the Cinco Días award for business innovation.