Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, today announced the launch of PandaCloud Fusion as a single, integrated product. 100% hosted in the cloud, Panda Cloud Fusion provides in a single platform security, management and remote support for all devices on the IT network, including smartphones and tablets.

Panda Cloud Fusion allows companies to take advantage of the benefits provided by each of the products integrated into the platform: Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced (PCOP Advanced), Panda Cloud Systems Management (PCSM) and Panda Cloud Cleaner Monitor.

Panda Cleaner Monitor provides customers and partners with a single Web console where they can view the results obtained after running the tool Panda Cloud Cleaner on their computers, as well as protect themselves from latest-generation viruses.

Panda Cloud Fusion is the perfect solution for enterprises as it allows them to use a single solution to manage all network devices, as well as offers advanced, secure support services”, said Manuel Santamaría, Product Manager Director at Panda Security. “In short, this solution represents a new way to combine security, productivity management, support and device management into a single platform”.

Panda Cloud Fusion is an integrated solution to protect, manage and support all devices on the IT network, including smartphones and tablets

No need for maintenance or on-site infrastructure 

100% hosted in the cloud, Panda Cloud Fusion meets enterprise needs without requiring system maintenance or infrastructure investments. Accessible anytime, anywhere through a simple Web browser, Panda Cloud Fusion allows companies to:

•Provide maximum anti-malware protection thanks to Panda Security’s Collective Intelligence system and anti-exploit technologies against unknown threats. The solution reduces the number of vulnerabilities and prevents data loss on smartphones and tablets.

Reduce costs through optimization of the company’s IT infrastructure, automation of management tasks and centralized control. Panda Cloud Fusion provides businesses with permanent visibility into their hardware and software assets, including tablets, smartphones and laptops.

•Provide the best possible support experience to end users, through proactive problem resolution and remote, non-disruptive access to their devices, wherever they are.

More information about the new version of Panda Cloud Fusion here