Panda Security presents the latest generation of Gatedefender e250 and e500 UTM devices to tackle the security crisis affecting companies. These new models replace the previous e9100lite and e9100 versions.

The Gatedefender e250 and e500 devices provide an effective way of ensuring continuous high-level protection. In short, they deliver an advanced security service from a single solution: deep packet inspection firewall, application firewall, VPN, anti-spam, Web traffic and email filter in the Internet gateway as well as a powerful hotspot module.


gatedefender, device, e250 y e500

High performance protection

The major advance in Gatedefender e250 and e500 is undoubtedly high performance, with both models offering speeds rated in terms of Gbit/s instead of Mbit/s. The firewall throughput in Gatedefender e250 has leapt from 800 Mbit/s to 5.1 Gbit/s, a notable increase. The same is true for Gatedefender e500, which has gone from 1474 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s.

The IPS throughput has also undergone a substantial improvement, from 95 Mbit/s to 590 Mbit/s in Gatedefender e250, while in Gatedefender e500 the previous rate of 121 Mbit/s now reaches 600 Mbit/s.

“With the Gatedefender e250 and e500 models we are introducing a new generation of UTM devices that represents a major qualitative advance for our product portfolio. At Panda Security we have managed to exponentially increase the performance of our products without affecting the price. All this boosts our competitiveness in the market”, explains Miriam Serna, Gatedefender Product Manager at Panda Security.