The Panda Security Days roadshow in Sweden has really become a real nice tradition where we visit the biggest cities in Sweden such as  Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm and present the latest in the malware threat landscape, what’s new in our products and services and what you need to think about in order to be properly protected.

The event took place at different cinemas and in Stockholm we had the venue at the famous (at least for Swedes 🙂 )  Skandia Cinema.


This year Luis Corrons had a very interesting presentation on the Mariposa botnet-operation, how it operated, who were behind it and how the Mariposa Working Group managed to take it down and what we learnt from it, something we have written about in detail on this blog.


Daniel Nyström, Technical Support Manager for Panda Security in Sweden and Finland presented how our technical support works in Sweden and Finland and which projects we are launching in order to improve even more.

Daniel also presented what was new in our on-premise solution (Panda Security for Enterprise), Panda Cloud Office Protection and last but not least a presentation of our new Panda GateDefender Performa 4.0.

Sebastian Zabala, Senior Project Manager for Panda Security in Sweden and now also UK, did a presentation on how mobility and consumerization of IT affects the security of your network and what you need to think about in order to be able to adapt to these changes and secure your company. *cough* The perimeter is dead *cough* 😉