– This latest addition to the company’s network of subsidiaries sees the company now with 13 wholly-owned national offices

Panda Security –The Cloud Security Company– has announced that it has purchased its Brazilian distributor. This brings to 13 the number of subsidiaries wholly-owned by the company, including its offices in Austria, Germany, Belgium, China, Spain, Finland, France, Holland, Japan, Sweden, UK, and the USA.

Panda Brazil first starting operating in 2005, and is now one of the company’s most successful offices in Latin America. In 2009 it tripled in size with respect to 2008. Brazil represents an outstanding opportunity for growth for the Panda Security group, and Gartner estimates it to be the largest market in Latin America.

Panda Security also has offices in 43 other countries, ensuring direct operational capability in the world’s most important markets, and clients in 195 countries thanks to online sales and a network of local resellers.

According to Juan Santana, Panda Security CEO, “The strategy of buying up our franchisees in key markets is one of the initiatives put in place in 2007, when the InvestIndustrial, GalaCapital, HarbourVest and Atlantic Bridge investment groups entered our share capital. This strategy enables us to consolidate and strongly position the company internationally”.