Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has announced the release of a new version of Panda Cloud Systems Management (PCSM), a complete remote management and monitoring solution designed to manage, monitor and provide support for all types of IT devices within an organization. This ensures IT administrators can now have greater control and protection of business processes within their companies, while facilitating incident management and support.

The benefits offered by this new version of Panda Cloud Systems Management include a ticketing system that allows end users to rapidly request remote support. Also, administrators can create and organize technicians’ workloads and assign priorities. The new version of PCSM also offers options to have complete remote control over computers, regardless of whether they are switched on or not, so IT administrators can be aware of their status at all times. This offers major cost-savings to companies, as they can manage devices without having to start them up.

The latest version of Panda Cloud Systems Management (PCSM) enables organization, classification and prioritization of incident response thanks to a new ticketing system

Similarly, this latest version of Panda Cloud Systems Management offers greater granular control over processes, files and folders, monitoring dangerous or unwanted processes and automatically assigning actions.

“Thanks to PCSM, IT departments and service providers can now have complete control over all software installed on their computers, thereby ensuring that corporate policies are implemented and complied with”, explains Manuel Santamaría, Global Product Manager at Panda Security. ”It is essential for all IT departments to have information on the status of every item on the server”, he adds. 

Panda Cloud System Management will also shortly offer the option to create lists of all installations across an organization. This means it will be possible to draw up blacklists with things that mustn’t be installed, whitelists with programs that can be installed and goldlists of software that must be installed.

Management of All Types of Devices

The consumerization of IT technology and the use of personal devices in business environments means that organizations now face new security and management challenges which have to be addressed without negative effects for the company or for users.

For example, many corporations today have numerous mobile devices with a variety of operating systems, which, in many cases is almost impossible to monitor and manage. To tackle this, Panda Security will also shortly implement support for iOS and, in the last quarter of 2013, for Android and Blackberry. This feature will allow IT administrators to audit, geotag and remotely manage devices in an organization in the event of loss, theft or other incidents.

Administrators will also monitor any incidents in the organization from a mobile device, and as such reduce response times to any problems.

Custom Tool for the Channel

What’s more, Panda Cloud Systems Management is now a simpler and more convenient tool for partners, and can also be personalized to their brand image (logo and text). With these improvements, Panda Cloud Systems Management is the perfect solution for complete management of all services offered to customers. 

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