Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, celebrates its 25th anniversary with a brand new strategic plan and a new corporate identity that goes far beyond simply using a different logo or brand image. This initiative has brought about a comprehensive transformation, both external and internal, which affects all of the company’s values and processes and reflects the company’s essence more accurately: innovation, vision and talent. This change represents the birth of a new Panda.

“We want to be perceived by the industry as we really are: challenging and innovative with deep human values. That’s why we have created a new corporate identity that we feel more identified with and which is closer, simpler and more modern. This transformation is based on the concept of “simplexity”: making complex things simple, simplifying the complexities faced by the computer security sector”, said Paula Quirós, CMO at Panda Security.

Panda Security has been working intensely on this project for more than a year, with participation from all of the company’s offices around the world. “This has been a very comprehensive project but also exciting at the same time. We have taken into account opinions from all the departments in Panda Security both in our headquarters in Spain and the rest of the world, as well as the insight offered by our customers and partners. Obviously, we have also closely tracked the competition and the computer security industry in general. The result? A completely renewed corporate image, fresh and simple, which differentiates us and positions us where we want to be. We are Panda, we are simplexity”, explained Panda Security’s CMO.

Five-year strategic plan

Panda’s rebranding initiative signals the beginning of an ambitious five-year strategic plan based on growth, technology and international expansion. “The objective for the next five years is to grow at twice the rate of the computer security industry, as well as integrating and unifying technologies to provide our customers with a global security service that includes elements such as mobility or the Internet of Things under the concepts of simplexity and peace of mind. Additionally, we will continue to expand our international presence, with special emphasis on the European, North American and Latin American markets”, explained Diego Navarrete, Panda Security CEO.

New identity

The agency selected to assist Panda in such an ambitious project was Saffron Brand Consultants. Panda and Saffron worked closely together in 2014 to shape a new, closer and more modern Panda, with a new design that conveys the sharp, honest and optimistic spirit of the brand.

“In short, with this new identity we want our customers to perceive us as we really are. A close, friendly, innovative company capable of successfully facing the present and future challenges,” concluded Paula Quiros.

You can see the new brand video here.