• Panda Security and ftopia integrate Cloud-based antimalware with Cloud-based collaboration

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, leading provide

r of cloud-based protection against malware and viruses, and ftopia, a global provider of cloud-based file-centric collaboration, today announced that they have joined forces in order to make online file collaboration safer.

Panda’s cloud-based antimalware technology is now used to scan files upon uploading them to ftopia data rooms. Suspicious files are automatically quarantined and the account administrators are notified about potential security risks.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of online file sharing services, ftopia delivers an environment that is both secure and very simple to use for business professionals. With unparalleled protection and preservation of all data room contents as top priority, ftopia employs the most powerful combination of security measures on the Web. SSL encryption, SAS 70 type II-certified infrastructure, file timestamping, and digital signing ensure the utmost safety and integrity of data while it resides in the Cloud and transmits across the Internet between collaborators.

“Online file collaboration services have transformed the way organizations operate. They have also increased the speed and the volume of exchanged data,” said Philippe Honigman, Founder and CEO of ftopia. “Our partnership with Panda Security will enable companies to reap the benefits of cross-organization collaboration while providing an additional layer of malware protection.”

Panda Security has pioneered in cloud-based security by developing its exclusive real-time Collective Intelligence technology, a security platform with database servers hosted in the Cloud. These servers receive and store information from the user community regarding virus detections and new threats. All Panda’s security products benefits from Collective Intelligence knowledge, resulting in much greater threat detection and efficiency rates than the market average and an overall higher level of security than provided by traditional technologies.

“As more files are stored and shared in the cloud, so must be security,” said Josu Franco, Director of Corporate Development. “We are excited to join our expertise with ftopia so that cloud-based protection goes hand-in-hand with cloud-based storage.”

Panda Security’s antimalware protection is available immediately to ftopia account holders. For more information, contact ftopia.