Technological development forces business activities to evolve constantly. It directly affects both companies’ consumption patterns and their communication processes with their clients, partners, and even with public administration and their own, internal administration. It improves the management of all the information they handle.  It has also encouraged the creation – in more and more agile ways – of large companies with promising business opportunities that are booming, and highly profitable.

A strategy specifically designed for Large Companies

In the past few years, we have witnessed several shifts in global cybersecurity trends. We moved away from endpoint defense based strategies and towards strategies based on perimeter defense. Now the market, analysts, and companies are once more reinforcing their focus on endpoint strategies.

This trend can be put down to several things. Firstly, due to the cost effectiveness of actions carried out on the endpoint, and also fundamentally because of the obvious fact that businesses and governments store critical information on devices.

In fact, when there is an intrusion on the corporate network, we aren’t just speaking about possible economic damage, but about the organization’s reputation, when events like this can affect the confidence that people place in the company.  These dangers can be avoided using cybersecurity, a business that will move over 79 billion Euros in 2018, 12% more than in 2014, according to the consultancy firm Gartner.  This increase has an explanation: the number of attacks experienced on corporate network is going up, due to an increased awareness of the value of data, and the ease with which hackers can be hired to steal it.

Panda Security is responding to these new market trends by focusing its strategy on reinterpreting traditional antivirus software based protections and using a different approach: a combination of advanced cybersecurity solutions and services that offer highly detailed visibility of all activity on the endpoint, total control of all running processes, and reduction of the attack surface.

A fruitful strategy, whose success has led to the figures achieved by the company: the corporate business line now represents 82% of the company’s total billings, and 20% of this is from the key accounts segment.  Companies who trust the Spanish multinational’s disruptive technology – technology that is at the forefront of the sector, and includes services like 100% Attestation and Threat Hunting on its platform Panda Adaptive Defense.

Following the evolution that the technological sector in general is going through, oriented more and more towards services, Panda Security presents the Key Account, MSSP, and Telecommunications area. The newly created department’s specific objective is to provide support for key accounts, and create a strategy based on implementing common standards at a global level for companies with over 5,000 endpoints.

“The chance to be a part of this project, right at the moment when Panda is demonstrating such disruptive, advanced, and distinctive technology, means that this is an attractive challenge with global scope,” said María Campos upon assuming the responsibility of leading the new business unit in the more than 50 countries in which the company operates.

Who’s who?

The department is made up of members with a great track record with direct competitors, focused on corporate businesses.

María Campos takes on the responsibility of leading the key account segment business unit at a global level, after over 18 years in the IT sector where she has achieved considerable success. One of her main responsibilities will be to reinforce the sales team for this segment at a global level, and boost Panda’s new advanced cybersecurity solutions on the corporate market.

Sergio Villarroel is the head of worldwide sales, and will coordinate the sales teams at a global level, helping to reinforce the sales strategy for this segment.  With a wealth of experience in commercial development and key account management, he joins us after having worked as Global Account Director of McAfee in Banco Santander. He was a key figure in the global development and standardization of anti-malware and anti-APT solutions in the bank, and he also included the bank in Intel’s Top 10 key accounts. His long track record in first rate technology companies such as Bay Networks, Nortel, and Avaya are a guarantee of success.

Pedro Viñuales will be the head of worldwide presales and will also help to define the MSSP and telecommunications services from a global perspective. He joins us from McAfee, after having worked as the Regional Solution Architect for Southern Europe, and before that in channel development with special focus on Telecommunications. Previously, he worked at Telefónica for over 10 years as a senior security consultant in key accounts for the public and private sector.