We've recently released the new Panda Internet Security 2009 to public beta. This is the first product to use "scanning from the cloud" technology based on Panda's Collective Intelligence [PDF] as the first line of defense against new malware.

This new approach to security allows us to detect new malware faster by not having to rely on traditional antivirus signatures, with a much lesser resource impact on each PC thanks to the use of white-listing technologies to improve scanning efficiency.

Users of Panda Internet Security 2009 become part of the Collective Intelligence community and act as "sensors" which provide telemetry to determine, thanks to correlation and statistical algorithms, which malware is really prevalent and affecting users worldwide.

In addition to this new layer of security, which encompasses all previous ones, our products continue having traditional signatures, advanced heuristics, TruPrevent behavioral analysis and blocking, intrusion prevention and other protection techniques found in previous versions.

You can sign up for the beta at https://www.pandasecurity.com/homeusers/downloads/beta/.

 UPDATE: The beta period has finished. You can now download your version of Panda 2009 from https://www.pandasecurity.com.