As you know we've been using Panda Collective Intelligence from-the-cloud-scanning technologies since about two years ago, initially in our online scanners ActiveScan and also in our Panda 2009 consumer products. Thanks to Collective Intelligence we are able to use complete automation (community-driven information, threat analysis, multiple technology checks, malware/goodware determination and signature creation) to protect against the newest and most dangerous variants faster than using the traditional signature approach.

I'm happy to report that we've now integrated the Panda Collective Intelligence cloud-scanning technology into the VirusTotal service. You'll notice it by the 10.x version numbering next to the Panda engine.

To see Panda Collective Intelligence in action let's look at a new malware that started spreading a few hours ago (MD5: a0713a3639c9d4901daf774022f4bfd2). It is an Adware/Antivirus2009 rogue antivirus. Let's run it through VirusTotal and see the results as of 02.12.2009 12:35:51 (CET):


Check the updated VirusTotal scan result here (search for a0713a3639c9d4901daf774022f4bfd2) to see how other engines add detection progressively.