We are happy to announce the availability of Panda Cloud Antivirus version 1.5.2. If you are reading this after seeing a “Panda Cloud Antivirus has upgraded automatically!” message on your Desktop traybar, then you already have this latest version installed and running and you don’t have to do anything else. In case you are interested you can read about the fixes introduced in this version in this blog post. If your version of Panda Cloud Antivirus hasn’t upgraded yet to version 1.5.2 yet don’t worry. As we are releasing the automatic and transparent upgrade little by little in a few days your copy of Panda Cloud Antivirus will upgrade itself automatically.

Version 1.5.2 is a maintenance upgrade from version 1.5.1 which fixes some bugs reported by the user community. The bug fixes included are the following:

  • Improved on-demand scanning speeds, specially under Windows 7.
  • Improved integration with Collective Intelligence backend to obtain new malware variants even faster.
  • New toolbar version 3.0 with Google search instead of Yahoo search.
  • Fixed slowdowns while deleting files from the computer.
  • Fixed BSOD under certain conditions when unloading one of the Panda drivers.
  • Fixed synchronization erros (same as already released hotfix).
  • Fixed issues scanning certain type of folders (as reported by AV-Comparatives)
  • Fixed upgrade notification popup showing up every 20 minutes.
  • Fixed problem of certain auxiliary files being written to the root of the drive when ProgramData directory could not be found.
  • Fixed disinfection problem under certain conditions on malware running in memory.
  • Fixed problem under certain situations when a malware detected without Internet connectivity was not recorded in the event report.
  • Fixed problems disinfecting certain malware with specific format and characteristics.

Remember that if you have any problems whatsoever with Panda Cloud Antivirus you can always ask for help at our Technical Support Forum.

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