Right after we started Panda’s CI (collective intelligence) project few years back. We decided to provide a community based antivirus program called Panda CloudAntivirus.

When all the good guys trying to improve and to keep the community safe. We notice the bad guys are trying to take the opportunity to “sell” their fake antivirus.

Earlier today, we received a sample which is a rogueware (well know as fake antivirus). They named it “Open Cloud Antivirus”. Looks like for them “cloud” is the way to make money, for now.

After a quick analysis, these are the few screenshots that we manage to capture. If you ever see this image, do not believe it. Close the windows immediately and continue your work.

Full Analysis Report: http://www.xandora.net/xangui/malware/view/028589c3bd57d4ba452360d5432b2c50