To the usual misgivings of many Internet users, who are still suspicious about buying over the Internet, we now have to add certain security problems that have damaged the image of e-commerce.

The latest worrying episode has affected the popular management software, Magento – a group of attackers has taken advantage of a crack in its security, broken into the database and stolen personal information related to its users.

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Over 100,000 stores worldwide use this tool, among those at risk are eBay (which owns the company), Nike Running and Lenovo. The researchers found that the cybercriminals infected the most sensitive part of the system with a malware – one designed to collect payment data.

The most worrying thing is that the victims didn’t even notice what had happened until they checked movements in their personal accounts. It was then that they realized that someone had stolen their money.

Last April a similar security gap was detected in this online retailer. Then, just as the company learned about this problem, Magento gave its customers a security fix that offset any possible leakage of information.

Far from wanting to make you fear shopping online, cases like this are used to point out the risks we face, and offer some tips to avoid, as much as possible, becoming the victim of a cyberattack when using an e-commerce platform.

6 tips to avoid security breaches in your online shopping

  1. One of the first steps you can take is to make all your online purchases through a payment service. There are many experts who claim that tools such as PayPal, with the incorporated security tools and encryption technology, can shield you from harm. In addition, it is advisable to link the account to a credit card in order to enjoy the protection measures implemented by the banks in their online payment process.
  2. Speaking of credit cards, one of the recommendations from the experts is to only use one card for your online purchases. So, if anything happens you will know which one to cancel to stop cybercriminals from emptying your account. We also recommend checking your balance often to discover any unauthorized movement before it’s too late.


  1. Another good idea in these cases is to keep, either printed or on the computer, a receipt of each purchase you make through the Internet. That way, if some day you have the misfortune of suffering information theft, you will be able to show those documents to prove the payments you made and those made by an intruder without your consent.
  2. On the other hand, a situation that you should avoid at all costs is to make purchases while using public WiFi. As a general rule, they are not safe – someone with evil intentions and the necessary knowledge could intercept the data from your computer and obtain your passwords or your credit card information. If you must access a public WiFi network, be sure to use a virtual private network (VPN).
  3. Finally, changing the passwords that you use in different online shops every so often could save you from any possible headaches.