Some Beta1 users have misunderstood the popup message that was recently shown by Panda Cloud Antivirus, announcing the availability of the Beta2 version.

The feedback we received is that some users thought the software was going to stop being free. I wanted to post this to clarify any confusions that might have been created by this notification.

This notification is merely announcing the availability of the Beta2 version. Some considerations to take into account during the beta period:

  • As soon as a new Beta version is announced (Beta2, Beta3, etc.) the previous Beta version will stop connecting to Collective Intelligence and updating its cache.
  • Users can of course download the new Beta version for free.
  • After the Beta period is over and Panda Cloud Antivirus version 1.0 is released it will continue being free without any loss of functionality whatsoever.

Sorry if this notification has caused any confusion.