– New features for companies include different types of reports for different groups, the sending of warnings through an SMTP server, and numerous improvements regarding the reports. – This version also includes new features to make management of Partners’ and VARs’ clients more efficient

– Panda Security’s solution was awarded the Editor’s Choice seal in a comparative review by PC Magazine Belgium & The Netherlands

– “This is the right choice for environments with several geographically-distributed offices” PC Magazine


Panda Managed Office Protection (PMOP), its security as a service (SaaS) solution. This new version includes a series of new features for companies (end-clients) as well as partners and VARs.

PMOP is easily and rapidly installed across the Internet. It offers complete management of company security, regardless of the number of remote offices or mobile workers. It also allows security management to be outsourced to partners offering this service, with simple and rapid access via Web at all times to real-time reports and network monitoring. Panda estimates clients will save up to 50% when using this solution as opposed to installing a traditional security solution. This way, companies can focus on their core business without worrying about security, and possible productivity and competitivity problems derived from infections.

The new features for companies include the possibility to select different types of reports to be sent to different groups by administrators.

Other features implemented in version 5.03 of Panda Managed Office Protection include the sending of detection warnings through an SMTP server with authentication; the management of licenses with several maintenance contracts and numerous improvements regarding the creation of reports and the monitoring tools.

Similarly, this new version includes many new features for partners and VARs such as the automatic sending of reports (daily, weekly or monthly), the option for enabling/disabling remote updates, choosing the default language for clients’ protection and centralized viewing from the service provider console.

In addition, version 5.03 of Panda Managed Office Protection is compatible with Windows Small Business Server 2000/2003/2008 and Windows Home Server.

PMOP: A solution that has earned the recognition of specialized media

Panda Managed Office Protection has been awarded the Editor’s Choice seal in a comparative review by the and Dutch editions of PC Magazine.

“PC Magazine is pleasantly surprised by the possibilities MOP offers and its ease-of-use. This is the right choice for environments with several geographically-distributed offices. One of the advantages is that the anti-malware client works on servers and PCs”, says PC Magazine.

“The strength of this product lies in its centralized management, which does not require a network connection between clients and servers”. PC Magazine has also pointed out the simple management and installation of Panda Managed Office Protection: “Regarding deployment, Panda’s approach places a larger emphasis on its ease-of-use and simplicity”. T

he magazine also stressed the solution’s lightness: “In the case of Panda, the agent is lighter thanks to Malware Radar”.

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