Whatsapp for Android


We have become aware of a new security issue in WhatsApp for Android. In this case, the vulnerability occurs when you share your location with any of your contacts.

Researchers from the Cyber ​​Forensics Research & Education group, at the University of New Haven, have discovered a security hole in the Android version of WhatsApp that would allow cyber-criminals to locate the person using the app.


How does the vulnerability in WhatsApp for Android work?


When you share your location in WhatsApp, your device establishes your location using Google Maps, taking the coordinates and a thumbnail from Google Maps and sending them via WhatsApp.

It is now apparent that the thumbnail is downloaded unencrypted from Google’s servers, so anyone could theoretically intercept and discover your location, or at least where you are according to the map.

WhatsApp has confirmed this security hole and that it is resolved in the new beta. Nevertheless, the official version available on Google Play is still not corrected, though it is expected to be resolved in the next update.

If you’re using WhatsApp for Android, and you want the most up-to-date version, you can download the beta from the official WhatsApp page.

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