A new Rogue Antivirus program called Total Defender appeared over the weekend. 

Total Defender Rogue Antivirus

The following data is included for informational purposes only. Please do not attempt to view or download files from the website.

Domain: Total-Defender. com
Country: Latvia
Organization: ZlKon

File:  total-defender-setup.exe

Total Defender Rogue Antivirus

Connects to:

0    200    HTTP    /ck.php    21
1    200    HTTP    /tdd.php?i=1
2    200    HTTP    /ck.php
3    301    HTTP    /tdp.php?ak=24DIGITHASH
4    200    HTTP    CONNECT    pp-pay.net:443
5    200    HTTP    CONNECT    pp-pay.net:443
6    200    HTTP    CONNECT    pp-pay.net:443
7    200    HTTP    CONNECT    bill-support.com:443 

Additional Info:

An interesting thing we noticed is that the Rogue did not attempt to
scare us into purchasing it, rather telling us that the computer was
secure after the scan.  The Rogue authors are probably doing this to
keep a high amount of Rogue installations active for the purposes of
data theft or for hire services.  

Total Defender Rogue Antivirus