Panda Security today announced the launch of a new and improved version of Panda Mobile Security, the company’s solution to protect mobile devices against next-generation threats.

The new Panda Mobile Security allows users to enjoy their devices with complete peace of mind, locate lost or stolen smartphones and tablets, and protect their private information. One of the solution’s new features (‘Costs money’) warns users against downloading apps that send SMS messages to premium-rate numbers.

Panda Mobile Security protects mobile devices against cyber-attacks, neutralizing malware designed to take control of the target system without the user’s consent. For example, it prevents apps from taking photos when the device is turned off or hibernated, or stealing stored data.

Protection from ransomware

Additionally, Panda Mobile Security protects smartphones and tablets against the growing threat of ransomware, that is, malware designed to hijack users’ devices, making them unusable unless a ramsom is paid by the victim.

Increased security with geolocation technologies

Another key feature included in the new release is the use of geolocation to protect users and ensure the security of their devices. The new Panda Mobile Security incorporates an anti-theft system that takes a photo of any person who enters an incorrect unlock code, and then sends the photo and map of their location to the user’s email address. Additionally, should the missing device run out of battery, Panda Mobile Security saves its location in order to use it in case of necessity.

“This new version, and the one to follow shortly with even more features, represent a major step forward in mobile security as they are designed to stop both internal and external threats to users’ devices. Our goal is to make things as simple as possible for our users so that they can enjoy their mobile devices without worrying,“ said Hervé Lambert, Retail Product Marketing Manager at Panda Security.

Panda Mobile Security is now available in 16 languages, and Panda Security is working on a new look and feel to mark the company’s 25th Anniversary and its new corporate identity. Over the next few months the solution will also incorporate motion alerts.