Maybe some of you remember a blog post I wrote some time ago, called “Mac Malware – fact or fiction?

What I think about this topic it’s explained in that blog post, so I won’t be repeating the same story. It seems that some other people, as Chris Christiansen, of IDC, think on a similar way: “Most Mac users take security too lightly. In fact, most macare quite proud of the fact that they don’t run any security at all. That’s an open door; at some point it will be exploited.” (

As we know, this is something that is becoming more serious, so we have decided to go One Step Ahead and release our own Panda Antivirus for Mac. What I like a lot of it is the ability to scan  some Apple devices, such as iPad, iPhone or iPod. As a heavy iPhone and iPad user I have a lots of documents in both devices, and it is great to find an easy ways to scan them 🙂

Well, if you are a Mac user and want to give it a try, you can download a trial version from here.