• Panda Security’s new cloud-based service is the only SaaS endpoint solution with device control technology, enhancing security and productivity
  • New Malware Freezer quarantines detected malware for a week, protecting the system in the event of a false positive
  • For more information about Panda Cloud Office Protection 6.0, please visit https://www.pandasecurity.com/enterprise/solutions/cloud-office-protection/

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, today announced the release of Panda Cloud Office Protection 6.0, the only Software-as-a-Service endpoint security solution that includes Device Control technologies designed to prevent the spread of malware through the improper use of external devices. These controls allow organizations to improve productivity by enforcing policies to deny access, force read-only access, or grant total access on multiple device types (USB flash drives, digital cameras, DVDs and more) through the PCOP Web-based console.

The new version also includes Malware Freezer, a module that ‘freezes’ detected malware for seven days by placing it in quarantine. This tool ensures system stability, restoring false positive files.

Panda Cloud Office Protection 6.0 is a cloud-based security service for PCs, servers and corporate laptops managed remotely from anywhere through its Web-based console.

Panda Cloud Office Protection’s infrastructure is fully hosted in the cloud, eliminating the difficulties managing remote users and hardware costs associated with a client-server security model. As always, Panda’s endpoint security service can be installed remotely, either through a distribution tool or email, without requiring the installation of a remote access add-on. The solution also offers group policies for advanced configuration of protection levels; concise and informative malware and threat reports; and a unified, centralized quarantine.

The new version is hosted in Windows Azure, a cloud platform hosted in Microsoft data centers and designed to support highly available, scalable and reliable applications. Windows Azure uses a set of privacy and security controls that ensure maximum protection of its hosted data and applications.

For more information, please visit https://www.pandasecurity.com/enterprise/solutions/cloud-office-protection/