small business antivirus

Online threats don’t just affect private users and large corporations. Freelancers and microbusinesses, which in the USA account for nearly 80% of the business sector, are an easy target for cybercriminals.

To help them stay protected against the 230,000 malware samples that are created daily, Panda Security has launched Small Business Protection, the new antivirus for freelancers and microbusinesses that protects them against large threats. Now, these companies can rely on a solution that eliminates, in real-time, all types of viruses and threats on IT devices.

This allows Panda to offer these types of businesses a complete protection that also protects against online fraud, identity theft, phishing attacks, and other threats. What’s more, in no way will it affect the performance of the devices as it is a lightweight and responsive product.

Wi-Fi protection against hackers and intruders

One of the daily battles that microbusinesses face is keeping their corporate data free from threats via Wi-Fi connections. To combat this, Small Business Protection includes a security model that detects weaknesses on the Wi-Fi network and protects against intruders. Thanks to a bidirectional firewall, corporate users can browse on the network in peace, without interruptions, and protected against unwanted connections.

Furthermore, Panda Security has incorporated a series of periodic tips and recommendations in Small Business Protection so that its users can increase the security of their network without needing to be IT experts.

“With Small Business Protection we wanted to help freelancers and microbusinesses to protect their business. They need the same protection as a large organization and by using free antiviruses, or inappropriate solutions, they are putting their company’s security at risk,” claims Alejandro García, Panda Security’s Head of Global Strategy. “This solution is particularly relevant for the USA, where approximately 80% of businesses consist of 9 employees or less.”

Small Business Protection is a product designed so as to allow freelancers and SMEs to focus their attention on the correct development of their business, removing any barrier that gets in the way of this, including cybersecurity. An intuitive and simplexity version of Panda Security’s best protection just for them.

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