Like my colleagues David and Alvaro, I would like introduce myself in this blog, since I actively take part in the forum in Spanish as adominguez.

My name is Alberto Dominguez and I was born in Bilbao in 1982. To be honest, my interest in computers came quite late, although I have always been fascinated by “paralell worlds”, such as video games or technology in general.

At present, I work as a 2º level Technician of consumer products. As well as taking part in different forums and managing several incidents, I carry out other tasks, such as managing malware, which is currently one of the hottest topics and personally, the topic that most stimulates me.

Malware evolution in recent years has been incredible. I can still remember the first spyware samples , the effects of Sasser or Blaster, or the propagation of worms like Netsky. Nowadays, the fight is against rootkits, although malware far ahead.

The infamous American exhacker Kevin Mitnick, who is an IT security expert, warns about the vulnerability of ATM operating systems.

It is known that the latest trend in cyber-crime is to implement specially-crafted codes in ATM computers, as they use Windows. This trend took off in Russia and Ukraine, but will not take long to reach the U.S and Latin America.

Once hackers enter the systems, they can see the information of the person who has inserted the card (from personal details to security passwords).

As you can see, malware is constantly evolving. Consequently, it is important for us to apply our own slogan and always be ONE STEP AHEAD.