We’ve been warning for some time now that traditional antivirus solutions are no longer effective against the newer threats. Targeted and zero-day attacks, as well as the dreaded malwareless threats, are a growing concern for businesses. And not only that, we have also emphasized time and again the importance of preventing the losses and reputational damage stemming from cyber-threats, and how the new protection model leveraged by Panda Adaptive Defense and Adaptive Defense 360 can help companies reinforce their IT security posture by classifying and monitoring all processes running on their network. Panda’s new security approach provides complete endpoint visibility and allows organizations to block security attacks and respond to them immediately, implementing more robust security measures to prevent further incidents. This is not just our opinion but the opinion of our customers as well, as shown by the fact that 96 percent of participants in IT software and services review platform Gartner Peer Insights are recommending Panda’s advanced cyber-security solutions to other companies.

But, what is Gartner Peer Insights?

Peer Insights is an online platform of ratings and reviews of IT software and services. The reviews are written and read by IT professionals and technology decision-makers like you.

The goal is to help IT leaders make more insightful purchase decisions and help technology providers improve their products by receiving objective unbiased feedback from their customers.

“A product that is great on visibility and proactive protection even against direct attack. During the POC and Implementation, everything was easy. Even until now, the support is excellent.” – IT Assistant Manager in the Education Industry.

In this regard, Adaptive Defense, Panda Security’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, is the best rated software and receives 28 percent of all reviews submitted by participants. The best-rated features of Panda’s software include its detection, attack containment, remediation and investigation capabilities.  Additionally, Adaptive Defense’s 100% Attestation Service and the fact that it is cloud-based provide great value for its total cost of ownership, allowing customers to save time and money.

Outstanding capabilities to detect attacks and malware that we never though could escape. This tool does everything we need it to do, and as long as it continues to help us save time, I will continue recommending it.- Responsible For Systems in the Government Industry. 

Panda’s EPP technologies, represented by Panda Endpoint Protection, are also highly rated in the reviews. The fact that the solution can be managed from a single, central Web-based console at any time, from anywhere, is highly praised by IT security professionals,

Companies of all sizes and industries say they have become more resilient to cyber-attacks and give Panda a 4.7 out of 5 overall rating, outscoring all other security vendors.

I’d like to participate in the program, but who can write a review?

Reviews must be completed by people working with Panda Endpoint Protection or Panda Adaptive Defense/Adaptive Defense 360 on a daily basis, or people involved in the purchasing decision.

Panda Adaptive Defense delivers on its commitment to provide complete, integrated protection to users, and is at the forefront of advanced cyber-security solutions. It’s not just us who say so. Are you using Panda Endpoint Protection, Panda Adaptive Defense or Panda Adaptive Defense 360 in your organization? Would you like to share your experience with your peers? Click here to access Gartner’s Peer Insights platform and share your cyber-security experience.