Published by Blanca Carton, July 7th, 2010

Summer is finally here and online security and the protection of your computer is something that you must take seriously.

That’s why we are reminding you of the 10 golden rules to protect your home and your computer.

  1. We all love Community 2.0 and telling our friends what we are doing (Twitter, Facebook,… ). But remember: Don’t reveal any information about where you are going or how long you’ll be away during your vacation. Thieves are always lurking.pleaserobmelapiazza
  2. Keep your antivirus enabled and update it regularly.
  3. Delete all unnecessary files and clear your computer history. Your computer will work better.
  4. Configure your computer so that Windows updates are automatically installed.
  5. Use common sense. If you receive an email message with attachments from a dubious source, delete it.
  6. Be careful when surfing the Web. Avoid downloading programs from unknown websites. And even if you know the source, stay alert and take all necessary precautions before opening them.
  7. Keep only those applications you really use. We all like to download and try programs that may seem attractive but… By the end of the year you usually end up with a lot of installed programs that you never use again after the first time. Remember that each of these programs slows down your PC! Keep only those programs you normally use and you’ll improve your computer’s performance.
  8. Be careful when you connect removable (USB) drives to your computer. They are a real source of infection.  Use our Panda USB Vaccine and avoid any risks.
  9. Do not answer any email messages that ask for your personal financial data. A bank will never request your personal data via email. Cyber-crooks use alarming message subjects and bodies like Urgent: Your account data has been stolen, in order to get an answer from you.
  10. Back up the content of your system so that you minimize the risk of losing it in the event of damage or theft.

Remember that our support forum is always at your service to resolve your queries, even during your vacation.

Have a great summer!