Believe it or not, La Piazza Panda Support blog was born a year ago!

The TechSupport community at Panda Security needed an open space to share fresh and fun news on technology with the wide world. However, at the beginning, it was not very clear to us, at the eKnowledge Department*, whether this project could become a reality.

Beginnings are never easy and, as you can all guess, ours wasn’t either. However, stubborn as we are, with tons of enthusiasm, hard work and thanks to the amazing quest carried out to involve collaborators, we are proud to say that La Piazza Blog has now become a great success!!

Here are the facts:

We have published 70 posts, received over 360 comments and, according to the records, La Piazza has scored the company’s highest number of feed subscribers and visitors!!

Obviously, all this happiness could have never been possible without the unvaluable support of our colleagues and external collaborators, such as:

  • David San José (Technical Support)
  • Sandra Olivares (Technical Support)
  • Alvaro Fradua (Technical Support)
  • Jose Manuel Bernal (Technical Support)
  • Alberto Dominguez (Technical Support)
  • Miguel Corral Rivas (Technical Support)
  • Eduardo Izpizua (Technical Support)
  • Darragh Kelly (Training and Certification)
  • Raquel García (Training and Certification)
  • Juan S. Fernandez (Technical Support USA)
  • Tony Roberts (Technical Support UK)
  • David Verstraeten (Technical Support BENELUX)
  • Javier Guerrero (R+D Development)
  • Yolanda Ruíz Hervas (Public Relations)
  • Iñaki Gorostiza (Online Business)
  • Ian Andrews (external collaborator)
  • Mikel Gomez Urkijo (external collaborator)
  • Bill Digiglio (external collaborator)

We would also like to thank Ana Etxebarria, Global Director of Technical Support and Customer Service at Panda Security, for endorsing the blog. Without her drive and determination, it would have not been possible!

In the picture, from left to right, the *eKnowledge ladies 😉 Blanca Carton, Leyre Velasco and Cristina Bermúdez (Nerea Bezares could not make the photo session 🙁 )

Thank you so much for your ideas and support!

Keep reading us and commenting our posts!!