Google has made it easier for some users to remove personal information from the company’s popular search engine results. Android cellphone users can now submit a request for personal information to not appear in searches on Google in a reasonably straightforward process. The owners of smartphones operating with the Google-developed Android operation system and installed Google App can go to their profiles and tab on ‘Results about you. Then users can follow the instructions and choose ‘go to search,’ then, all they need to do is tap the three dots to any result showing their info. A simple click on the ‘remove result’ is enough to deindex the result from the search engine.

Removing the link from Google’s results section does not remove users’ personal information from the hosting website. So, if you see your personal information on White Pages and want it removed, you will have to contact White Pages directly. Even if the info is no longer indexing on Google, data-brokerage companies such as White Pages would still have your info. Anyone interested in you will still have access to your personal information if they visit the data website. Google is trying to make it not as easy as it is now for people to find personal information online.

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The information you can remove from the popular online search engine includes personal information such as phone number, email, or home address. Currently, there is no information on when users with smartphones running a non-Google-developed OS will be able to take advantage of this tool. Currently, if non-Android smartphone users want to remove personal info from Google, they must go through Google’s support page and fill out a form. Google announced the perk for Android users earlier this year but officially rolled out the service on Sept 28th.

The tech giant’s new tool does not change the process of allowing users to deindex websites from its search engine but makes the process a lot easier for its smartphone customers. Google allowing people to deindex information is a step towards privacy, but it is certainly not a full on solution. If you want to maintain privacy while browsing, you may consider using a high-end VPN service. Having a layer of protection over your internet browsing is another step forward for people who want to share less with tech giants such as Google.