In recent years the global economic situation has driven companies to sharply reduce costs. In some cases, businesses have even decided not to renew the security solution that protects them against viruses and ransomware, opting instead for a free antivirus.
Such a decision is not only risky, it is also costly, and companies should be aware of these costs:

  1. You’ll pay the price of ransomware infections, which encrypt your files and demand a ransom of at least $300 for each infected PC if you want to recover your customer information, financial data, projects in progress, payrolls, etc. All your company’s confidential and commercial information can be encrypted and used to hold you to ransom.
  2. You’ll pay to rid your computers of the toolbars and adware that continuously display annoying ads, and which also slow down your browser, consume bandwidth and can create compatibility problems with other applications.
  3. You’ll pay when you need professional assistance in order to disinfect PCs or remedy PC performance problems. The support services offered by free antiviruses are not manned by professionals, and simply redirect you to community forums. Serious incidents can paralyze your business, leaving you high and dry, with no telephone support services.

Small companies that decide to switch to free antivirus products will end up paying the price of ransomware infections and other viruses, slowing down systems and causing incompatibilities with other applications. Then you’ll have the added cost of returning to a paid antivirus solution after digesting your bad experience.
So don’t pay twice and get a Panda Security solution that includes layered protection and security monitoring, which is why we are world leaders in detection of viruses, ransomware and other threats.

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