On May 18th, Panda Security will host its inaugural summit on cybersecurity in the Teatro Goya (Goya Theatre) in Madrid. It will be a meeting point for all CSOs and CISOs across Europe. The Panda Security Summit (#PASS2018) is a one-day conference comprising five different talks and various workshops. At the event, we will address issues of protection and threats along all parts of the security chain, hearing points of view from analysts, public institutions and private companies.

At the conference, we will talk about the necessary basic tools for a company to achieve the highest level of security possible, going beyond detection and responses to threats. We will speak about the importance of being a resilient company from a cybersecurity point of view. But how can one recover after suffering a setback?

We will discuss the importance of having a good strategy that addresses prevention, detection, containment and response, as well as talk about how companies can learn and adapt, with examples that show the importance of studying the entire cycle to be able to survive in today’s environment.

Five talks on attacks, protection and much more

We will look at issues ranging from the latest in attacks and protection to the overall state of cybersecurity. In the same vein, attendees will learn about what strategies for cyber-resilience are employed by governments, large companies, SOCs and individuals.

In addition to our speakers, we will hear from important names in the industry such as: Ian McShane, Research Director a Gartner; Javier Candau, Head of the Spanish National Cryptologic Center; Carles Solé, CISO at CaixaBank; and Nicola Esposito, Director of the CyberSOC EMEA Center at Deloitte.

These talks will focus on important issues in the world of cybersecurity and will present a strategic vision. Attendees will also be encouraged to take part in the conference by talking about the main challenges they face.

PandaLabs Report

We will will also release a new report from PandaLabs. The findings from this new study are based on key concepts of cyber-resilience. This report addresses how a company can be resilient in today’s complicated environment.

From the report, we will reveal, among other things, a ranking of the most resilient countries, how threats have evolved and how defense systems have adapted to new threats. The report also details the state of international cybercrime and cyberwarfare as well as figures on attacks against individuals and companies we have seen and are set to see in the coming months.

Workshops: Cyber kill chain, threat hunting and other trends

To top it all off, after the speeches we will hold several cybersecurity workshops. At the workshops, attendees will learn how to make their company cyber-resilient and be prepared for new threats.

Workshop topics will include the cyber kill chain as well as more advanced topics such as threat hunting. The workshops will close out the summit.

After more than 28 years of providing security solutions, Panda Security is hosting its inaugural summit on cybersecurity. Are you gonna pass this opportunity up?

An not-to-be-missed event for all cybersecurity professionals. Managing change helps an organization to become resilient, and the Panda Security Summit will be an event that will change your perspective. Don’t miss the first edition of this event. Sign up here.