On a day like today, we remember one of the viruses that has caused the most headaches for users: Friday the 13 th.

The virus Jerusalem, also known as Friday the 13th, was created in Israel in 1988 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the creation of the Jewish state.

To activate the virus, the calendar only had to hit Friday the 13th and all the programs and files that were being used would be infected and eliminated.

There wasn’t a specific method to spread the virus, but that it was done through normal systems like floppies, CD-ROM or attachments in emails.

How It Works?

–  Infects files with extensions of COM, EXE or SYS and increases in size whenever the file is executed

–  It reduces the memory available on the computer

–  Causes your computer system to slow down

–  Every the Friday the 13th the virus is activated, and eliminates computer files that are used that day

How to Fix It?

As always, recommendations for preventing these types of infections are to keep your operating system and antivirus updated.

If you’ve already been infected and suspect that your computer has a virus, we recommend an analysis with Panda Cloud Cleaner to eliminate the infection.

Were you infected by this virus or any of its variants?

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