Everyone has friends that from time to time can help you with the move. Even there are friends who help you with your work. Iñaki, a good friend of mine, has become a honeypot, obviously by accident. Several days ago I received an email message from him inviting me to download some pictures, in Portuguese.


Neither my friend nor I know Portuguese, so there’s something going on here. The file that is downloaded doesn’t contain any pictures… but it is neither an executable file. It has a cpl (Control Panel) extension, which are files belonging to the Windows Control Panel.

It’s not the first time that this extension is being used. Let’s remember the worm W32/dadinu several years ago, and one month ago we detected a very similar malware to the one my friend sent me.

This malware is Rausing “devastation” as some of us have received the same file from our “honeypot” friends 😉 Be very careful.