In 2018, cryptojacking has become the leading threat to the security of electronic devices. However, unlike other cybercriminal trends, it has done so without making headlines around the world. It could even be the case that you’re being affected by it right now, without even noticing. But with a 4,000% at the start of the year, it is obvious that this is a serious threat, no matter now sneaky it is.

To keep cryptojacking from undermining your company’s reputation and putting you business’s continuity at risk, Panda Security presents the report, Cryptojacking: A hidden cost:

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What is it?

Cryptojacking is the unauthorized use of a user’s device to mine cryptocurrencies: attackers use malware to get onto computers, tablets or smartphones, and exploit part of their processing power to mine cryptocurrencies.

What effects does it have?

This attack has multiple negative consequences, which can include an extreme rise in your electricity bill, a serious slowdown in your computers, and even physical damage to devices.

To protect you from this threat, here at Panda Security we have the following tips:

  • Carry out periodical risk evaluations to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Analyze resources to make sure there is no unusual activity.
  • Thoroughly investigating any spikes in IT problems related to unusual CPU performance
  • Careful with your browser. If you suspect that cryptojacking is getting in via websites, install plugins to block these sites on your browser.
  • Regularly update all the company’s devices and systems.
  • Use an advanced cybersecurity solution that provides key characteristics such as detailed visibility of the activity on all endpoints, and which allows you to control all running processes. This is exactly what Panda Adaptive Defense does.

Find out more in the report A Hidden Cost, and don’t become the next victim.

Download the whitepaper