• Panda Security will protect CPP Identity Protection and CPP Alert customers with its security suite Panda Internet Security 2011
  • Panda’s security solution ensures network privacy and prevents personal data like passwords or credit card information from leaking out of users’ computers without their consent

The CPP Group, a company providing customer assistance against identity theft, among other services, has teamed up with security vendor Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company. Thanks to this partnership, CPP Identity Protection and CPP Alert customers will have free access to the protection provided by the security suite Panda Internet Security 2011.

This security suite offers real-time protection against all types of known and unknown malware by leveraging Collective Intelligence, a proprietary technology that automatically detects, analyzes, classifies and disinfects the more than 73,000 new virus strains that appear each day.

Panda Internet Security 2011 includes advanced protection technologies like virtual keyboard, which prevents keyloggers and other threats from stealing your passwords; file encryption, for users to safely store files and documents using Advanced Encryption Standard, and a 100% safe virtual browser that opens in a virtual environment preventing computers from being compromised while surfing the Web.

“This is a growing concern. In the United States alone, there are more than 25 million consumers with identity theft insurance”, says Ángel de León, General Manager of CPP, “People usually realize they have become a victim of identity theft when it is already too late. Besides being very costly and time-consuming, it could become a real nightmare, so prevention is always the best way to avoid identity fraud. CPP protects millions of customers worldwide, and the agreement with such renowned and trustworthy companies like Panda is the best addition to the only product in Spain that prevents, detects and resolves identity theft issues.”

According to Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs, “Computer threats are growing exponentially, as cyber-criminals seek to benefit financially from their activity. 70 percent of the 73,000 new threats received every day at PandaLabs, our malware laboratory, are Trojans designed for identity theft. These are then sold on the international black market or used to conduct financial fraud, generating large profits for their creators.”

CPP Identity Protection is a unique product that prevents, detects and helps you to resolve the financial and emotional consequences of identity theft. The prevention measures include computer protection with Panda’s product, alerts informing users if there are significant changes to their credit report, and other useful preventive tools. CPP provides insurance cover to help fraud victims to pay for expenses and replace stolen or lost personal information (ID card, passport, etc.). Also, a team of specialized fraud experts assist and help customers to restore their identity quickly and easily. With up to €36,200 insurance cover, CPP Identity Protection covers legal fees, loss of earnings, calls, cleanup expenses, and the cost of restoring the customer’s good name on the Internet if, for example, false profiles have been created on social networking sites or non-existent products have been offered on online stores. CPP Alert is more cost-effective than Identity Protection although it doesn’t provide insurance coverage.