Smartphones and mobile devices have become the greatest additions to the continuously booming technological industry, and our lives. If we leave our phones at home, we go back for them. We can’t wait for appointments without swiping through photos on our phones, we cook from recipes downloaded onto our tablets, and it is inconceivable to think of going to the gym without plugging-in a set of earbuds, draining our mobile data plans as we stream our favorite songs.

According to an annual mobile marketing study by IAB, 9 out of every 10 internet users have a Smartphone. 43% of users prefer to use their tablets.

It is easier to connect than ever with the outbreak of technological advances and innovations. We don’t have to worry about where we can connect to the internet and when; we can retweet current events, chat on Whatsapp, or even share a photo on Instagram wherever and whenever we want. What we should worry about is this: how can we do this securely?

Don’t let your guard down. Control those apps!

Social media permanently sits in the favorites bar as these sites continue to be the top visited. Just imagine all of the information these social media sites gather…how very frightening it is to think about the amount of information that exists about us online. Sometimes we are conscience of the personal information they take, but most of the time, we aren’t.

It is time to take a step in the right direction. Do you want to have complete control over who can access your apps? Do you want to prevent prying eyes from peeking at your personal information? Secure your privacy with the latest version of Panda Mobile Security with the newest addition to the Panda Mobile Security family, App Lock: Panda’s application control feature.

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google playApplication control allows you to block access to your apps using a PIN code. You will be able to block access to your private information. With this feature, you can:

Protect your privacy. Block unauthorized access to all of your apps, from messaging services or social networks (email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Instagram, LinkedIn), to bank apps. If you use messaging services like Whatsapp you already know how important encryption is; End-to-end encryption makes sure your messages travel from point-A to point-B and prevents attackers from reading your messages.

App control, limits the little ones from accessing certain apps or games. Knowing that the little ones only use the safest apps is a parent’s biggest priority. With the newest version of Panda Mobile Security, the user can create a PIN to set the Apps they want to block or unblock. In case the user forgets their PIN, they can create a new one on their Panda account.

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Secure your apps and have fun!