• Since its launch in 2007, Panda Security’s system for automatically scanning, detecting, classifying and disinfecting malware has processed more than 1.7 billion individual files
  • Every day, Collective Intelligence automatically processes more than 150,000 new files, of which around 73,000 are new malware
  • The average number of infected PCs across the globe stands at 35.51 percent, with countries like China surpassing 54 percent

Panda Security –The Cloud Security Company– is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the launch of its cloud security system, Collective Intelligence, which automatically detects, scans, classifies and disinfects 99.4 percent of all new malware received every day at PandaLabs. The system has now processed more than 1.7 billion files since its launch. The Collective Intelligence database currently occupies 25.2 TB and generates 500 GB of logs every day.

In 2007, after two years of development, Panda Security made this pioneering technology available to users and it was this system that allowed the company to offer cloud-based protection solutions to home users and companies alike. This internationally-acclaimed protection model has led the way for the rest of the industry, and offers all users a series of key benefits: investment costs reduced by 50 percent, reduced local server and desktop resource consumption, and greater overall protection in real-time.

Every day, Collective Intelligence receives more than 3 billion data requests from users of Panda solutions and processes more than 150,000 new files to determine whether or not they are malware. Currently, around 73,000 new, unique strains of malware appear every day. According to PandaLabs Q1 Report, this malware avalanche has elevated the average number of infected PCs across the globe to 35.51 percent, with China leading the ranking of most affected countries (54.25 percent of infected PCs), followed by Taiwan (47.15 percent) and Turkey (42.75 percent).

Thanks to this system, Panda Security was the first company to bring cloud-based security solutions to the market:

  • Panda ActiveScan, scanning from the cloud since 2007.
  • For home users, cloud scanning was implemented in the 2008 consumer solutions, and in the first antivirus designed specifically to protect from the cloud, Panda Cloud Antivirus in April 2009.
  • For businesses, cloud-based scanning was offered through Panda Cloud Protection in November 2009, delivering protection for the three major infection vectors: servers and desktops with Panda Cloud Office Protection; email with Panda Cloud Email Protection; and Web traffic with Panda Cloud Internet Protection. Additionally, all the solutions can be delivered through the SaaS (Security-as-a-Service) model.

Free Trial Of Panda Security Technology

Panda Security offers all users free trials of its groundbreaking technologies through the following solutions: