Cyber criminals behind the Rogueware epidemic have been hard at work in poisoning search results to increase traffic to their campaign sites. Today, we identified a new Blackhat SEO campaign, which is currently targeting Halloween related keywords aggressively. While studying the campaign, I noticed that the most commonly targeted keywords were classic costume favorites, such as the Cat woman costume, vampire costume, and various adult costumes. In addition to costumes, the BHSEO campaign also targets Halloween related food recipes, haunted house directions, Halloween parties, and the movie Halloween.

Tainted search results:

Blackhat SEO - Search Results

Fake Antivirus site:

Rogueware Site

Tag cloud of targeted search terms:

BHSEO Tagcloud

As we have documented in prior blog posts, Blackhat SEO continues to be one of the most prevalent and pervasive attack vectors on the Internet today. As users, we tend to trust search engines to provide safe and accurate search results, but the reality is that today, search engines are becoming the most dangerous way to browse the Internet.