Panda Cloud Antivirus Beta3 is finally available for download. Please visit Panda Cloud Antivirus’s new website at to download this latest version.


Some of the most important and notable changes over the previous version are the following:

  • New improved interface.
  • New website design and services.
  • New Collective Intelligence Real-time Activity Monitor.
  • New Technical Support Forums.
  • Fixed slowness of PC after install.
  • Fixed most cases of scan stuck at X% and errors during scan.
  • Fixed “Problems with Internet connectivity” popup message.
  • Fixed BackgroundScan by deactivating many unnecessary operations.
  • Improved performance based on cache optimization (much less CPU utilization).
  • Improved performance based on memory management (less memory consumption).
  • Improved management of Recycle Bin and restoration of disinfected objects.
  • Improved quick scan option.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Beta3 introduces a new website at where people are able to create accounts and use those credentials to login to their Panda Cloud Antivirus product instead of using license keys which need to be renewed every year. This allows users to access the online Support Forums and other Panda Cloud Antivirus services which we’re still building.