Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has announced that Axiom Housing Association, a leading provider of housing and care and support services to over 5,500 people in the UK, has adopted Panda Cloud Fusion to protect, manage and support all devices on its IT network.

“With Panda Cloud Fusion we experienced immediate cost savings in time and travel of about €1,200 every month. However, the real improvement has come through our increased capacity to support our users and manage the entire network,” stated Peter Matthews, Head of ICT at Axiom Housing Association. “In short, it has improved our functionality significantly without pushing up our cost base”.

The ICT team of Axiom Housing Association consists of four dedicated staff managing and supporting 200 endpoints, with 67 at the main office in Peterborough, and the remainder spread across twenty-four other sites along with a number of home workers and mobile staff.


Axiom Housing Association has been a customer of Panda Security for more than 10 years, a time during which its network and requirements have expanded considerably.

Namely, Axiom Housing Association had a very clear idea of the challenges they faced:

  • Maintain a larger, more dispersed network of diverse devices.
  • Provide user support, many of whom have limited IT knowledge.
  • Improve ICT response times to support calls.
  • Reduce ICT travel time and costs.
  • Apply and monitor universal security policies. 

“We needed a solution that allowed us to achieve central reporting on the state of all our endpoints and remote offices, reducing travel time and costs”, explained Matthews.

 -	Panda Cloud Fusion is an integrated solution that provides in a single platform security, management and remote support for all devices on the IT network


Extended trialing of Panda Cloud Fusion began in March 2013, with a view to have it implemented by May 2013. In this context, Matthews was also impressed that the migration process was absolutely painless: “Most of our end users have no idea that we’ve swapped out their security systems”.

The key benefits provided by Panda Cloud Fusion to Axiom Housing Association can be summarized as follows: 

  • Cost savings through greater control of the efficiency of users, technical departments and IT infrastructure.
  • Maximum protection with minimum impact. Security for all devices inside and outside the office, 24/7, without slowing them down.
  • Centralized control. Accurate and updated view of all devices and software on the network anytime, anywhere.
  • Rapid adoption. Simple installation, configuration and maintenance.

About Panda Cloud Fusion

“The challenges that the Axiom ICT team needed to address were clear: achieve more with the same resources, provide support for all system users, regardless of their IT knowledge, and ensure maximum network security with minimum impact”, said Manuel Santamaría, Product Manager Director at Panda Security. “Panda Cloud Fusion is the perfect solution for Axiom Housing Association, as it allows the company to use a single solution to manage all network devices and offer advanced, secure support services. Panda Cloud Fusion represents a new way to combine security, productivity management, support and device management into a single platform, enabling significant cost and infrastructure reduction and optimizing performance”.

More information about Panda Cloud Fusion can be found here.