For the first time, the independent laboratory AV-Comparatives, an organization that tests and evaluates the antivirus software made by the industry’s main manufacturers, has tested the cybersecurity solution Panda Endpoint Protection Plus, a solution that is managed from the Aether platform, in its Business Security Report 2018 (March – June).

Over the course of 2017, Panda Security achieved maximum levels of protection in the Real-World Protection Test, leading it to take home that year’s Gold Award. Now the organization has started to evaluate advanced cybersecurity solutions for companies, and Panda seeks to demonstrate its excellence in the corporate segment, where it triumphs thanks to its disruptive model, which has been certified by many institutions.

Main Endpoint Protection Plus functionalities on the Aether platform

At a moment when the cybersecurity market is extremely mature, the competition is fierce, but the solutions, services, and technology on offer are very similar, especially for traditional protection models, Panda seeks to differentiate itself, and presents a unified, innovative platform for all its endpoint security solutions: Aether Platform.

The vision of Aether Platform is to offer complete security management from the cloud. This new platform is efficient, scalable and extensible for the centralized management of all of Panda Security’s endpoint solutions. It is based on 8 pillars:

Real-Time information, Multi-Product, Cross-Platform, Multi-Customer, Granular, Flexible, Detailed and Accessible via API.

Endpoint Protection Plus, the solution evaluated by AV-Comparatives, forms part of the Aether Platform, and so benefits from all of this platform’s features.  The product presents light and easy security and productivity for the endpoint, and provides centralized, uninterrupted protection for all Windows, Mac and Linux workstations, including laptops and servers, as well as the main virtualization systems and Android devices.

The AV-Comparatives evaluation highlights:

The centralized administration at any moment and from anywhere, with no need for technical knowledge.

The usability and clarity of the console that was evaluated, which facilitates the tasks of configuration, installation, and deployment. Advantages that, thanks to its responsive design, you will be able to use comfortably from any mobile device.

– The information and configuration of tasks in real time.

Flexible organization:  Filters, customizable tree and Active Directory.

Information about the software and hardware of each computer.

Control panels and reports with detailed, customizable information based on filters, searches, periods of time, and target groups.

Granular configuration. Granularity allows the recycling of settings and a more efficient management.

Tracking of user activity.

User permissions (Roles) with full granularity.

– Independent configuration tasks with advanced options such as maximum execution time and expiration time.

 Business Security Report: conclusions

After this evaluation, AV-Comparatives states that the overview provided by Panda Security’s cybersecurity solution, with its detailed breakdown, along with the reporting capabilities, should be sufficient for an administrator to understand what has happened.

And the fact is that controlling the security of your IT infrastructure, anywhere and at any time, reacting in real time to any incident, with solutions like Panda Endpoint Protection Plus, is fundamental for the protection of your company.

Though it may seem obvious, it’s worth remembering that those who dedicate more resources to cybersecurity receive fewer attacks. While home users and small businesses make up for 4.41% of attacks, in medium and large companies the figure drops to 2.41%, according to the latest PandaLabs report.  However, although this percentage may seem low compared to the hundreds of thousands of attacks registered every year, it must be remembered that cybercriminals don’t need to attack every computer on a corporate network. By infringing the security of just one of them, hackers can create real problems for their victims.

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