App for gropu travel

How much should we put for tips?” or “Has everyone paid?” are some questions that we frequently ask before we go on a group vacation.

A few days ago we told you about the best applications when planning a vacation. We’re now offering you some very practical tools to control expenses when you vacation with a group of people.

Settle Up

Settle Up is going to turn out to be very useful at the time of controlling “who has” and “who has not” paid some of the expenses of the trip. This application allows you to create a group on which the expenses are added and, at the same time, you can create subgroups that signals if someone has paid or not. Ultimately, the Settle Up payments table should have everyone at zero.

Another variable that is available is the option to view payments for couples, or the button of “Who Should Pay”, which allows you to identify the person who has contributed less money to the trip. This application is available for both Android and iOS.


This applications also allows us have a clear understanding of payments. It is also very simple to manage. The only necessary step is to choose who has done every expense and the program calculates who should pay who. This application is available for Android.




This app is only available in iTunes, and is very useful to control the costs of a group. You can create a trip and add the people that will be participating. That way, you only have to consult the state of debts, and Payback it will show you a list with the total of all expenses and the amount of money that each person owes. It always displays the minimum number of transactions possible.


Travel Money

Travel Money is another application available for Android that allows you to view ‘who owes who’. It has a less elaborate interface than Settle Up.


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What about you? Do you use these applications when you travel with friends?