A new report published by The Business Research Company has found that antivirus continues to be an essential tool for computer users across the world. According to the research, antivirus sales will continue to grow by 4% for the next four years.

The report’s authors are clear about why the antivirus market continues to grow: cyberattacks involving malware and ransomware are becoming more common – and more disruptive. Antimalware tools like Panda Dome Premium are an essential tool for identifying and blocking computer viruses, protecting users against infection and data loss.

Antimalware tools evolve to improve performance

One of the most common complaints about traditional antivirus tools is how they can cause a computer to slow down. Malware is continually evolving; to ensure users are protected against the latest variants, the antimalware tool must also be constantly updated – causing the PC to slow down.

Modern antimalware like Panda Dome does the majority of the hard work of virus identification the cloud. A small application runs on the user’s computer, monitoring and detecting suspicious activity. If something unusual is detected, suspicious files are temporarily prevented from running and copied to the cloud for further analysis. Meanwhile, the cloud system is constantly being updated, ensuring that the analysis is always up-to-date and that users are properly protected against infection.

Because updates and in-depth scanning take place in the cloud, performance of the user’s computer is unaffected.

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Why does antivirus performance matter?

There are three main reasons people choose not to install antimalware tools:

  1. They simply don’t know about computer viruses and the potential damage they cause.
  2. They believe that they have adequate skills and knowledge to avoid becoming a victim without tools.
  3. They are worried that antimalware tools will cause their computer to slow down too much.

Because there are so many high-profile malware incidents every week, the number of people who don’t know of their existence is getting smaller all the time. These high-profile incidents are also helping people to realize that even the biggest companies with the best cybersecurity experts can be affected by ransomware – and that knowledge alone cannot fully protect them.

By moving to a cloud-based antimalware tool like Panda Dome, users can also solve the problem of poor performance. Which is why a high-performance antivirus application is so important.

Are people adjusting?

There are two reasons why the antivirus market continues to grow. First, the number of computing devices in use is also growing which means there are more devices that need to be protected. Second, people are becoming more aware of cybersecurity risks – and the need to protect themselves against cybercrime. And the more people who protect themselves with antimalware, the safer the internet becomes for us all.

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