The new version of Adaptive Defense is here and we have reason to celebrate!

One of the most important changes to the product is the look&feel, which is now a lot more visual, accessible, and adaptable to all devices. You can manage the product from your smartphone, tablet, notebook, and, computer.


AD 21

What’s more, this new console allows you to complete a new report on the attacks and threats that are detected by its advanced protection. This report can be seen in real-time or can be programmed to be sent by email.


Adaptive Defense: more than just an antivirus for businesses

Adaptive Defense protects the endpoints, servers, laptops within your corporate network, and roadwarriors (remote users), by blocking the running of applications that, due to their behavior and nature, aren’t considered as safe applications or goodware. It protects your business against direct attacks, persistent advanced threats, and Zero-Day attacks.

With Adaptive Defense you will:

  • Know 100% of the applications that are running within your business
  • Avoid direct attacks in real-time
  • Be able to consult all information relating to direct attacks on your systems
  • Safeguard your business against future attacks and threats