• If you’re going away, don’t post details on social networks about where you are or when you’re returning. It’s better not to share this kind of information with others on your Facebook or Instagram account.
  • If you order a taxi for the company’s Christmas party, remember that all the apps on your phone require certain permissions. Sometimes, these can be abusive and reveal more information than you would like.
  • Protect your computer and your Android devices with antivirus software. At Christmas we use these devices more than ever, sending WhatsApp or email greetings, etc. If you want to download a free antivirus, choose the one that best meets your needs and stay safe online this Christmas.
  • Both on your phone and your computer you should only keep installed the applications you really use. We all like to download and try out apps and programs that look interesting, but after some time many of them accumulate without being used. All of these will slow down your system, so get rid of those you don’t use to improve performance.
  • Use your common sense. No one should ask you to send confidential data via email, so when somebody does ask you, you should be suspicious and, obviously, not send any details.