Today we have a lot to celebrate… It’s our 30th anniversary!

On June 26 1990, in Bilbao, Spain, a group of friends (“panda” in Spanish)  founded one of the world’s first antivirus companies: Panda Security. Since then, the cybersecurity world has changed a great deal, but each time that it has done so, we’ve evolved too. We’ve even had the luxury of being ahead of the game, setting the pace for the industry with several historic milestones in the sector. This is all thanks to our non-conformist spirit and our innovative DNA.

But the best thing about these 30 years has been, without a doubt, our amazing team. Without our great “panda”, we could not have achieved everything that we have done. We are proud to form part of this excellent group of people and to have lived what we have lived together throughout this time. A group of colleagues who have shared stories together that have made us much more than just workmates; now we’re friends, couples, parents…

And we still have many more stories to live together. Our history is evolving once more, and taking a giant leap together with WatchGuard.

Time made us change. Change made us better.

Happy 30th anniversary!