It’s Panda’s Birthday. But this 2015 is not an ordinary anniversary. Tomorrow, June 26th, we turn 25, no more, no less!

Panda was born in 1990, which was also the date of the World Wide Web development, what a coincidence, right? It has been 25 years in which we had time to do many things but, at the same time, time has flied! 25 years researching, developing, analyzing and protecting our customers, both corporate and home users, against all Internet threats.

Despite all we could tell you here, it wouldn’t be enough! So, we think the best thing that we can do is to give you an overview of our 25 years of history with images. Thank you so much to all of you who have been part of it! 🙂

panda software


CeBIT 2001
CeBIT 2001


Bilbao Offices
Bilbao Offices, 2001


cebit, 2002
CEBIT, 2002


CEBIT, 2003


9 years ago… PandaLabs (2006)


panda - one step ahead


1st security blogger summit
1st Security Blogger Summit, 2009


panda-tres cantos
Old Offices in Tres Cantos (Madrid)


panda - the cloud security company


panda booth
Panda Booth at SIMO. 2007


Open Windows Premiere. Madrid. 2014


news conference
Introducing Panda Security 2015 to the Media


Panda Security logo


Panda Kick Off
Panda Kick Off. Bilbao. 2015


We’re Simplexity!


Congratulations and let’s enjoy another 25 years together! 🙂


birthday cake