The main objective of the Quarantine section included in is to isolate all files that are suspected to contain a virus, the unknown viruses that have been blocked, the backup copies or any other file put in Quarantine.


By adding a suspicious or infected file to Quarantine, you can prevent the infection from spreading to other files. Quarantined files cannot be used and therefore cannot infect other files.


nota_shg.gif Note: All files included in quarantine disappear from their original location and cannot be used until they are returned to this location. You can do this by selecting the file and clicking on the option Move to disk.


When files are moved to the Quarantine section, they are moved from their original directory, to the directory that uses to Quarantine files. It is as if they did not exist for other applications.

Follow the steps below to access the Quarantine area:

  1. Click on Quarantine in the main program window.

  2. From the panel on the right of the window you can access the files in quarantine, view the unknown viruses that have been blocked or see the backup copies made before the files were disinfected.

When there are files in Quarantine, they are displayed in a list with some of their characteristics divided into columns:

What can I do with the files in Quarantine?

lets you:

The buttons in the lower part of the Quarantine window will allow you to carry out the following actions:

How can I add a suspicious file to the Quarantine area?

If you want to add a suspicious file to the Quarantine area, click on the Add file button and select the file you want to add. By doing so, the file will disappear from its original location and you will not be able to run it.


It is possible to perform several actions on the quarantined files through the pop-up menu that appears when right-clicking on the quarantined files. You can find out more about these actions in the Actions on the files in Quarantine section in this Help.

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