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Remove viruses from your PC - Repair Utilities - PANDA SECURITY

Download antivirus for free  & Remove viruses from your PC

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Repair the trail of damage left by viruses with Panda QuickRemover.


Panda Security repair utilities. Select the virus that you need to remove from your computer and download the solution for free.

How Panda Security can remove viruses from your PC? Thanks to Collective Intelligence, Panda's exclusive cloud-computing technology, the company's 2010 solutions leverage the knowledge gathered from the community of millions of Panda users around the world. Each new file received is automatically classified within six minutes and the Collective Intelligence servers classify more than 50,000 new malware samples every day. These technologies correlate information on malware received from each computer to continuously improve the protection level for the worldwide community of users. Panda's 2010 solutions have continuous, real-time contact with this vast knowledge base allowing the company to offer users the fastest response against the new malware that appears every day.


The sophisticated techniques used by today's worms and go way beyond just infecting files. They can corrupt operating system components, change system settings and can even leave your computer out of action.

Panda QuickRemover is a tool aimed to complement our antivirus solutions, and is designed specifically to help restore your computer from all the possible effects of a virus.

  • For Scan and disinfect now online your PC for free with Panda ActiveScan, click here: Free Antivirus Scan.

Download free Antivirus 2010

Now what does Panda Internet Security 2010 offer to Windows users?

  • Anti-malware Protection (including personal firewall, antivirus protection, wifi monitor, instant messaging protection and proactive protection)
  • Identity Theft Protection (anti-phishing, anti-banking trojan engine and anti-rootkit technology)
  • Safe Internet Browsing (anti-spam filter, parental control features, web filter and information filter)
  • PC Backup including 2 Gigabytes of online backup storage
Prevent viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, identity theft, online banking and other threats from infecting your PC. Internet Security is ultra light-weight because it’s using “cloud” technology so it won’t hinder your computer from operating as freely as it can. Because the only free thing we can think of that isn’t good is a computer virus.