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Management Team

CEO Panda Security Diego Navarrete
Diego Navarrete joins Panda Security from IBM, and has extensive experience in the software and security sectors. Over the past two years, Panda Security’s new CEO has been director of IBM’s Security Systems Division in Europe, a company he joined in 1998 [...] read more


Global Leadership Team

Juan Andrés Garcia Juan Andrés Garcia
Chief Financial Officer
With long experience in financing and budgeting positions, Juan Andrés García has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics [...] read more
Iñaki Urzay Iñaki Urzay
Chief Security Strategist
His interest in IT security arose in 1988, designing and developing the first antivirus products [...] read more
Joao Sampaio Joao Sampaio
Country Partners Managing Director  With extensive experience in senior executive positions in major telecom companies such as Vodafone, Jazztel or Reditus, Joao Sampaio holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business [...] read more
Joao Caires Joao Caires
Subsidiaries Managing Director  Joao Caires holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Communication from the Autonomous University of Lisbon (Portugal) as well as a Post-Graduate Degree in Marketing and [...] read more
Paula Quirós Paula Quirós
Global Marketing & PR Director
Paula Quirós holds a Law Degree from the University of Oviedo (Asturias, Spain). She began her career in 1999. [...] read more
Rado Svicin Rado Svicin
Global Online Sales Director
Rado Svicin has an extensive experience in online business and web analytics. Before joining Panda Security, Rado served as Head of Web Conversion and Optimization in Highlight Media [...] read more