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Panda Cloud Office Protection

Cloud-based endpoint protection.

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Panda Cloud Email Protection

Cloud-based Email protection

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Panda Cloud Partner Center

Simple deals. Close more and faster

Simple client security management

Simple client life-cycle management

Simple deals, close more and faster

  • You can pitch the products while you create a trial version for prospects on the Partner Center all on the same sales call
  • No sales approval cycles by vendor. No minimum seat requirement per deal
  • Flexible sales options: 1, 2 and 3 years licenses
  • Increase renewal rates through optimized client life-cycle management
  • Zero effort sales due to the automatic license assignment option
  • Sell Panda Cloud Office Protection, Email Protection or a combination or both
  • Cross sell directly from the Partner Center

Simple client security management

  • Install and deliver security service remotely without the need for costly onsite visits
  • Identify security issues and connect remotely to affected endpoints to resolve the problem directly from the client console, reducing complexity and acceleration issue resolution

Simple client life-cycle management

  • Create new clients directly from the Partner Center
  • Create trial versions for clients in seconds
  • Directly assign licenses to existing or new clients in a matter of seconds
    • Licenses are activated only when you allocate them to end clients not when you purchase them
  • Never miss a renewal opportunity again!
    • Via the dashboard or email you can see who will expire in the next 60 days and if you have licenses to cover the account
    • Automatically renew your customers licensees
  • License assignment history, full history of all license transactions

Simple customer satisfaction

  • Managing your customers security as a service enables them to forget about security complexity, overheads and threats
  • Automatic license assignment means clients can use the license they need when they need them without contacting the partner
  • Automatic renewals mean your customers are guaranteed security and protection continuity

Simple margin growth management

  • Licenses are activated only when you allocate them to end clients not when you purchase them
  • Avoid costly onsite visits

All of the above is managed centrally from a single web based console, accessible anytime from a standard web browser so there is no need for servers or VPN connections

  • Security via award winning cloud products Panda Cloud Office Protection for servers, PCs and laptops and Panda Cloud Email Protection for email protection
  • Centralized and remote management of clients via web console available 24/7 from any device
  • Licenses pool. Visualize all license information from the license pool where you can assign them directly
  • Automatic license renewal feature
  • Automatic license assignment, let your customers use the licenses they need, when they need them
  • License assignment history, full history of all license transactions
  • Simple organization of clients in an n-level hierarchical structure
  • Role-based users with different permissions over groups
  • Reports Consolidated executive, periodic scheduled reports via email to clients
  • Global update configuration
  • Personalize clients console, reports and change protection icon which installed in each endpoint
  • Include client information for each customer: Contact details, etc
  • Visualize clients by their names or by their VAT numbers
  • Inventory feature which identifies endpoints not managed by Panda Cloud Office Protection
  • Copy and share endpoint security profiles from one client to entire client base
  • In the case of strategic partners: Automatic provisioning of clients/licenses from your CRM and monthly invoicing
  • Notification section. Keeps partners up to date on the latest and most important product information and changes
  • Directly access your customer console with single-sign-on from the center
Product Datasheet

Quote Insight find Panda Security to be an extremely supportive and proactive partner to work with. The Panda produc set, is a valuable addition to the security category and as a result, forms part of Insight’s overall security portfolio. Quote

Rowena Halford, Product Manager-Security Software
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Quote In turn, my customers receive immediate technical assistance and information on the security status of every device on their network at anytime and from anywhere. And I can better service infected or threatened end-devices thanks to new advanced search functions and customized security reports. Quote

Roy Miehe, CEO and President AAAntivrus
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Quote The setup and monitoring has become a key service we now offer to our MSP clients, and a fast-growing product in our solutions line. Quote

Rob Walter, Director of Operations
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Quote We have customers that are on their third renewal contract with Panda Security, a clear sign that our partnership with Panda is yielding great results. Quote

Teddy Gabbart, Scholastic Communications, CEO
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